Treats and Treasures

The other day I was out scouting for new things for the shop when I found this rather disgusting beaded floral arrangement in an even uglier container. Weird then, that it would fascinate me the way that it did. I pulled the arrangement out of it’s strange bowl and realized that if I took the time to pull the whole arrangement apart, I’d have a gorgeous bunch of unique handmade treasure to offer! I brought it here and painstakingly fixed, cleaned and reassembled each lovely bunch of blossoms. It was then that I realized how much time must have gone into making each one of them. They are really stunning, and would be so beautiful in a group or singularly used in a small vignette, tied with a ribbon to a gift, in a small bottle, or just sitting next to something special in your home.

Unfortunately, I have a very limited supply and like most vintage things here, once they’re gone, that’s it!

We also have on offer some gorgeous wrapping paper from our favorite handmade paper shop in Oregon, Oblation Papers. I can’t emphasize enough how lovely it is. Some pieces are embroidered and could be used on top of a dresser, night table, or even framed as art! I’m in love with the Italian print that has gold leaf on it. I feel like any gift wrapped in it or any drawer lined with it would be that much more special. Again, I have a limited quantity as we could only bring back so much! They don’t ship and don’t have an online store to order from so it’s literally coming from Oregon piece by piece!

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