Where Hope Has A Home – Update!

My beautiful niece Selah

Each time I sit to down to write a post I am overwhelmed by all of the things that have happened since I last updated my blog. It’s apparent that I need to devote as much love to the blog as I do to my projects because it’s an awesome creative outlet that helps me connect with you in a way that my Facebook and Instagram posts cannot.

Having been chosen as a designer for the Where Hope Has a Home Project at the Ronald McDonald House Stanford, has been such a humbling and challenging experience. I am continually in awe of the design talent that has come together to make this very special building a beautiful, safe and comforting place for children and their families.

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The Art of Creating an Eclectic Style

Janel and Dave Lehman’s California Home

I’ve written before about eclectic style, and it occurred to me that it was definitely time to revisit the topic. With the increasing popularity of HGTV, and a slew of shows like Design on a Dime, Dear Genevieve, and even American Pickers, people are more daring than ever when it comes to tackling their own decorating.

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No Room Left Behind!

Guest Room Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Long ago I read Karen Kingston’s enlightening book, “Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui,” and much of what I read has become a building block for how I work with my clients to define their current and future space. When it comes to clutter, Kingston’s belief is that we are tied to everything in our home by invisible strings of energy.

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Sexy Spaces

Courtesy of High Fashion Home

There are certain spaces that are so compelling to me that they conjure up fantasies of  wine-filled nights or whispers of things I hardly ever share. In my opinion there are a lot of elements that need to come together to make a room truly “sexy”. I love layers of sensual textures, neutral but warm toned walls, dark woods, shiny chrome, sparkly glass, and softness underfoot. Cozy rooms seem more intimate to me. Rooms that have just enough luxe beauty to make them interesting and a bit forbidden. Think Marie Antoinette if she were to move into the W Hotel and make it her own. Supersexy!

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Fabulous Finds for the Budget Impaired

Starlet Low Cabinet by The Second Revival

I love the space and time that we’re in when it comes to interior design. There has never been a moment like this one – a place where industrial, French, traditional, vintage, ethno-glamour, and minimalist can co-exist at auction, on fabulous web sites, and even in one home! While of course there are still firm believers in the mono-culture of specific design styles (mid-century modern anyone?) it’s an exciting time to be re-doing your space as there is so much amazing treasure out there to find!

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Lots and Lots of Lovely

Though it can still be freezing cold outside and rain storms seem to come out of nowhere, I find myself believing that the warm days of summer are right around the corner. I’ve furthered this delusion by surrounding myself with gorgeous garden books, redoing the shop windows with wonderful Spring-timey things and blasting the heaters in the evening. The start of the year signaled that it was time to start with a clean slate – finish those languishing projects, fix those broken things, clean the closets, and of course, refresh the nest.

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Jenny’s Magical Mystical Chair

This has to be my most favorite upholstery job EVER. Jenny is my super fun, sexy and fashionable Hillsborough client who has allowed me to do her garden, weigh in on important decorating decisions and infuse her home with some young, fresh, energy. Jenny and her husband Ricardo are the proud parents of two very amazing and energetic kids, so anything that goes into the home has to not only be stylish, but it has to work with their lifestyle – lots of entertaining with nothing off-limits to the kids.

Earlier on I posted a picture of another chair we did for Jenny’s bedroom, a really great modern floral that has just enough romance to work with the crystal chandelier but just enough edge to show Jenny’s fun side.

She was looking at chairs for a sitting room off the kitchen and had decided that she wanted something with a bold print that would anchor an otherwise neutral space. A big name store had really wonderful exotic print chair that was low and wide – but they were sold out. I’m not a fan of getting something everyone else has (and if it’s sold out loads of people have it) so I went on a search. I came across this fantastic antique chair that was also low and wide. The material was horrible but the details in the wood were crazy-charming. I showed it to Jenny and it was a go! She picked out a big, graphic, tropical print and I had it reupholstered. With the extra material we made throw pillows for the beige sofa. I think it came out amazing and Jenny says everyone that visits comments on how much they love it. For literally half the cost of the original chair she now has a completely custom, antique chair that no one else on earth can ever have!

I’m a big believer in creating things for your home that reflect who you are and what you like. If you have furniture you adore, but it’s lost its magic, let’s talk about what we can do to paint it, reupholster it or otherwise give it a facelift!

Take care,

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My Newest Favorites

I honestly love everything in my store but at any given time I do have favorites. Right now I am crazy about a beautifully made, sinfully comfortable, pomegranate print arm chair. It’s the absolute perfect curl up and read chair or somewhere to snuggle when it gets cold outside. The print is very elegant but the styling is definitely modern.

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