Hayward Park Front Garden

Last year I posted pics of this garden makeover at its earliest stages. For better or for worse, life got in the way and it was in need of a lot of love when they called me back over to give it a refresh. We made some significant changes after seeing what had survived and what had not and ended up planting new succulent arrangements in the Talavera Pottery. The below pictures are V2.0 of the garden.

Currently, the garden is in full bloom and is being well attended to!

The below photos are from the initial Hayward Park Front Garden makeover, V1.0

Front walk before

The overall garden plan encompassed a new front lawn, sprinkler system, drip system for new front and side plantings, stripping and painting the chipped and damaged front window trim, and a few well-chosen accessories to tie it all together with a bit of Spanish/Mexican style that they love.

Taking into account the way the family used the yard, we put a path through the middle of the lawn since they usually walked across it to get to the car. It’s important to consider how a client actually uses their space when coming up with a plan. We chose to do a flagstone path with woolly thyme planted in between the pavers.

Front yard after

The tiny side garden makeover required over 1000 pounds of gravel and two 60 pound boulders dappled with moss and lichen.

The front of the house got two very special painted pots from Talavera Pottery in Berkeley, and a pretty, weather-worn, sky blue folding chair

As the home was photographed mere weeks after it was completed, it’s hard to visualize how amazing it will look when the Canna grow tall and multiply, the tree is matured and in bloom, and the Penstemon and lavender have spread out and grown full. The intent of the garden is to be lush, colorful, and to draw bees, hummingbirds and butterflies.

Front yard after


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