About Us

1380659_10151680841536980_469669782_n(1)We are drawn to curious things. Objects that are a little bit strange, have a great patina, or tell a story. We’ve worked hard to curate a collection in our shop that highlights our appreciation for gorgeous gardens, beautiful furniture, amazing interiors, and cool things.

I’m Melisa Bleasdale, (the blonde one), and I’ve been interested in art and interiors for as long as I can remember. I was a strange kid obsessed with creating vignettes all over the house – much to the dismay and frustration of my mother!  My long-time career in public relations took me all over the world, and I was deeply inspired by all that I discovered. I landed in Amsterdam one day and it felt like home. I fell in love with the chic simplicity of Dutch interiors, the honesty and kindness of the people and every single moss covered cobblestone my feet landed on. Apartment 46 was born out of this love, an affinity for natural history museums, and old time curiosity shops.

Image courtesy of Jorge Bardina and Raina Antle

If it’s not me sitting behind the desk, it’s my daughter, Miranda, (the beautiful redhead). She has been an integral part of Apartment 46 since Day One – working in the shop, fielding phone calls, handling my craziness, accompanying me on design adventures, and helping out in more ways than I can count. She is an Oscar Wilde fan, a writer, lover of all things Anime, an opera aficionado, and fearless when it comes to her fashion. With her amazing sense of style and great sense of humor,  I can’t think of a better partner in crime. It’s my hope that a visit to our store will never be boring or predictable. I consider myself really blessed to be doing this and I can never say enough how amazing our clients are. With the addition of the online section of the shop, I hope to continue bringing beautiful and unique things to the neighborhood, and to the far corners of the globe, for a long time to come.

The Apartment 46 blog is a natural extension of our brick-and-mortar design studio, and is our way of sharing our design tips, ideas, favorite finds, and other madness. When we complete a project – interior, garden or wedding – we’ll post it here so you can see what we’ve been up to and what we’ve created. You have Carte Blanche access to our design library and can buy many gorgeous books right from our site.  Anyway, we hope you like it!