About Me

I’ve always been drawn to uncommon objects, things with great patina, things that nature leaves behind and things that tell a story. I have a deep love of art, well-made furniture, otherworldly floral designs, and generally cool things. I believe that mixing objects with history into a space creates a well-rounded environment with soul.

I closed our brick-and-mortar shop in October 2016, to focus on my design practice, and I’m always on the hunt for fresh new finds to stash away for clients and offer in my Chairish store.

It’s a little cliche, but I’ve been interested in art and interiors for as long as I can remember. Though I pursued writing and communications, my decades-long career in security technology took me all over the world, enabling me to explore and discover new things and truly magical places. The day I landed in Amsterdam it immediately felt like home. I fell in love with the chic simplicity of low-key, mismatched Dutch interiors, the honesty, humor and kindness of the people, and every single history-laden brick my hands touched.  My design aesthetic was firmly formed by my travels overseas,  an affinity for natural history museums and a desire to bring back the magic and mystery of old time curiosity shops. I believe good interior design should inspire you, reflect who you are, and incorporate things you love into a beautiful, calming, and functional space you are happy and proud to come home to.

I consider myself really blessed to be doing this and I can never say enough how amazing our clients are. Every project that I’ve touched has been a blessing to me, and I hope to continue creating beautiful and unique spaces for  those that share my love of design for a long time to come.

All my best,



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