Outer Richmond Master Bedroom

A young ER nurse with a packed social calendar wanted a comfortable master bedroom in her SF apartment. She required an inspiring space to create her fantastic mixed media pieces on canvas. The photos were taken in the evening and the golden light is exactly how it looks every day. I am partial to taking photos of what a space really looks like for those that live there.

When the window is open you can hear the waves crashing near Ocean Beach, and smell the fresh air.

The painted antique, bent wood chair has a pretty heat-pressed pattern on it.

The client is hugely creative and she thought to use the antique goddess as a place to display her delicate necklaces.

The space is so large that it easily fits a California King-sized bed, side tables, the chaise lounge, artist’s easel, desk, and dresser with loads of room to spare. The vintage wrought iron side tables were originally garden furniture. Thicker glass was cut for them, and their small size allows for lamps and a place to put a glass of water without taking away from the expanse of the room.

The large artist’s easel the client uses fits perfectly next to the desk, where she can lay out all her brushes and paint and get to work!

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