Hillsborough Residence

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The clients are a well-traveled couple with demanding jobs and three young children. Both love laid-back and eclectic surroundings that incorporate objects from their vacations. I was asked me to turn a pass-through between the front and back of additions house into a place they could actually use. I also tackled a strange area in the home that had turned into a storage space.

Before picture of the back “office”

The homeowners wanted to carve out an area to read and relax adjacent their children’s playroom. Since the couple have a love for ethnic objects and Eastern philosophy, the space included Indian and Moroccan influences.

In an homage to the wife’s family a small altar was created on the wall.

Barnwood shelving from Elmwood Reclaimed Timber was installed for the children’s books and a custom Moroccan lantern from Tazi Designs in San Francisco was mixed with family mementos to create a warm space. 

The antique Chinese table is beautifully worn, but was sealed in polyurethane to prevent further damage. It’s soulful and well-made and is perfectly kid-proof!

A small string of temple bells was added to the frame of the space as they are special to the family and signify protection and luck.

 The children’s art covers the windows of their play room. The room will eventually be the boys’ bedroom.

The chairs face a wall of windows looking out over the back garden.

Shelves in the pass-through hold an array of family photos, heirlooms and mementos.

A drink table was made from a vintage Indian tray attached to a tall steel candle holder.

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