Design Books

We love a gorgeous hardcover book. We are researchers, readers and explorers. We are inspired by many things and take cues from the great wealth of creativity to be found in this world – from architecture and architectural drawings to flea market finds, custom jewelry and abstract photography.  Returning to the sometimes dog-eared pages of our books over and over again, we find fresh design ideas and often lose ourselves in pictures. We are never bored by the beautiful images and since we like just about everything, our tastes are eclectic. From the newest in on-trend design, to vintage style books, to scientific studies of how the human form directs architecture, we offer you a really cool and varied selection of books to choose from – some new, some old, but all valuable resources.

We are excited to be a part in the Amazon affiliate program, and the ability it gives you to purchase the books directly from Apartment 46 just by clicking on the pictures below. The collection we’ve posted are some of the books we truly love and we’ve carefully curated this section for you to let you in on what inspires and informs us. How can you resist our charm and amazingness?

Warmest wishes,

Melisa and Miranda