We believe that everyone’s lives are more beautiful when flowers are involved. Although we don’t like to call ourselves florists (because we feel like that takes all the fun out of it), we definitely do flower arrangements. From holiday floral decor, to birthdays, to “just because” bouquets,  we take pride in designing beautiful and interesting blooms for our Bay Area clients. We are always honored to do wedding flowers. We also design custom terrariums, Tillandsia (air plant) arrangements, and potted plants. To place an order please call us at (650) 356-0558.

Nearly every container we use is vintage and every arrangement is one-of-a-kind. You tell us the occasion and budget and let us do the rest! We’ll do our best to exceed your expectations with an unexpected mix of ingredients. Honestly, we don’t think the world needs any more boring fish bowl vases full of carnations.

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