The pieces featured in this section are just a small example of the selection of art we have on offer in our boutique. We strongly believe that every home is more beautiful when it has distinctive art in it. We have a wide and ever-changing variety that includes new and vintage photography, mixed media, lithographs, etchings, block prints, antique botanical prints, illustrations, oils, and more. We are constantly curating so there’s something for everyone. We are always so excited when our clients are drawn to a piece that takes them outside their “norm” but that fits them so perfectly.


Fantastic oversize bright and bold woven Toucan wall hanging. Long black tassels and a carved pine hanging rod finish the piece. Letters “VAC” woven into the piece. Backed in cream linen. Would be so fantastic in an entry. Height includes the tassels. Measures 27″ W x 56″ L. $185.00


Gilded panel with beautiful Dogwood blossom relief. Molded foam over wood typical of 1950’s home accessories such as Turner and Syroco. Well made. Hook on reverse for hanging. Measures 11″ L x 1.5″ W x 31.5″ H. $175.00

vmf_vendor_CHV_1791246_1382313984187_529651Pair of bright and graphic needlepoint portraits. Perfect for a kitchen or as a cheery addition to powder room walls. Framed in pine with no glass. Frames are 1.25″ thick. Measure 6″ L x 1.25″ W x 5″ H. $95.00

vmf_vendor_CHV_1145160_1359156615807_638160Original oil painting of two Galleon ships in battle with bright orange flames amidst a dark background. Finished in a stunning burnished gold frame and linen mat. Wired for hanging and signed “A. Pervez” in the bottom right corner. Frame is 1.25″ deep. Measures 16.25″ L x 1.25″ W x 14.25″ H. $215.00


Original needlepoint artwork mounted to thick plywood. Bright colors and stylized imagery perfect for any modern, contemporary or eclectic style home. Measures 14.5″ L x 14.5″ W. $125.00


Sublime watercolor of a hilly vista in Skye, Scotland. Finished in a caramel-colored mat, silver frame with glass and a wire on the reverse for hanging. Artist-signed in the bottom right corner. Measures 14.5″ L x 12.5″ W. $250.00


Cheerful daisy bouquet in a vase original oil painting. Signed by R. Knott in bottom left corner. Perfect for a sitting area or to brighten up a room! Unframed canvas. Measures 20″ L x 16″ W. $265.00

Exquisitely detailed etching on heavy paper of the entrance to a village in Bruges. Framed by De Ryve Gallery (label on reverse) in dark brown wood. No mat or artist’s mark. Hook for hanging. Measures 10 inches long x 7.5 inches wide. $160.00

Wonderfully graphic ink and watercolor depiction of a town square in a Spanish village. Artist signed in the bottom right corner. Framed in black wood and glass, painting is mounted on a backing with no mat. Wired for hanging. Measures 16.5 inches long x 12.5 inches wide. $175.00

Stunning original German etching on heavy cotton paper depicting a royal landholding. Text is in both German and Latin. Beautifully detailed. Gilt frame is distressed and document shows some aging. Has German framer’s label on reverse. Measures 19″ L x 16″ W. $325.00


Beautiful framed rubbing of Lady Margaret Bellingham on the walls of the Kendal, Westmorland Church in England. The original art was engraved in the early 1500’s.  Finished in a gold woven mat. No glass. Measures 41″ long x 15.25″ wide. $215.00


P1020488 Fantastic mid-century painting on linen of a Grecian scene. Muted pastels make this a classic. Bone-colored linen and frame surround the painting. So perfect for a super modern and minimalist room, a dressing room, a salon, a lounge or any other unexpected, but feminine space.  The frame is 2″ deep. Measures 42″ long. $265.00

We are so lucky to have some of Rebecca Lambing’s original pieces in our shop! This gorgeous and bright 8 x 8 x 2 inch acrylic would make any space more cheerful, chic and interesting. $150.00

Elongated marble tile with three-dimensional relief of a Capricorn. Beautifully detailed. Has original descriptive paper on reverse. Can have wall hook added to hang or can be framed as is. Measures 5 inches long x 0.25 inches wide x 8 inches high. $85.00

Elongated marble wall tile with a three-dimensional brass relief of Aries. Stunning detail. Original descriptive paper on reverse as pictured. Could add picture hook to hang or have framed as is.  Measures 5 inches long x 0.25 inches wide x 8 inches high. $85.00

Colorful, unframed, original oil painting of a rose and hydrangea bouquet. Artist signed. Unframed pieces are perfect to prop up on mantels, lean against books on bookcases, stack against each other on the floor or otherwise add a bit of interest to a boring space. Measures 20 x 24 inches. $135.00

1970’s orchid print from the Illustrated Book of Orchids, finished in a 1960’s aqua/green colored frame. Measures 13.25 x 11.5 inches. $70.00

Original screen-print portrait of a man circa 1978. Artist signed. In a silver metal gallery frame. Measures 11 x 14 inches. $95.00

Beautiful, Large, 1950’s Turner Accessories repro of an early 1800’s etching of a Peacock Pheasant and her baby. Turner labels still on back. Solid wood frame and glass in perfect condition. Measures 29 inches long x 23 inches wide. $175.00

Petite, super stylized portrait of a geisha from the 1950’s with 14K gold detailing. Displayed in a weathered wood frame. I love the idea of this in an edgy dressing area or bedroom. It’s strangely sexy! Measures 5.5″ L x 2″ W x 6.5″ H. $75.00

Amazing original screen print of four orchids on a black background. It has a double mat in rose and black and a vintage gold leaf frame that has beautifully distressed around some edges. Numbered 12/500 and signed by the artist. Measures 22 x 18 inches. $225.00

This large-scale acrylic by Alicia Eakin is on a soft canvas that when held to the light you can actually see through. The light-weight nature of the fabric makes the picture more modern and diverse. It would be phenomenal hanging in an entry as a statement piece or above a mantel or even in a dining room. Measures 28 x 36 inches. $225.00


Original sketch/watercolor of flowers in a vase, signed. Finished in cream colored mat and frame. Love that it’s not too sweet or too floral – if that makes sense! Measures 12 x 14 inches. $75.00

Handmade nicho titled “Family” includes a photograph from 1940, collected shells, a coral skeleton and tiny pearls all assembled in/on a vintage wooden icon display. Measures 7 x 4 inches. $65.00

Serene Mid-Century painting of a birch forest signed “Kelly”. The piece is unframed, and canvas-wrapped. It would look beautiful above a black console or lacquered white shelf. It fits with both traditional and modern decor. Measures 24 x 18 inches. $95.00

Two vintage Italian gesso prints with stamped gold edging. One depicts a country morning scene and the other an evening scene. Each print measures 7.25 x 8 inches and is $35.00.  The pair is $60.00.

to warm it up and give it soul. Measures: 11.75 x 16 inches $120.00

Modern interpretation of a Roman Goddess. Frame is distressed black with gold details with an inset relief of the Goddess. Looks amazing above a console, in a nook or even leaned on a mantle. Measures: 17 x 15 x 2.75 inches $110.00

Assemblage piece includes antique Czech image of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus, vintage ephemera, shells, and an antique tin Mexican nicho. Measures 8 x 6 x 1 inch. $85.00

This is currently my favorite piece of art in the shop. I LOVE the bird, and more importantly, I love the message. Perfect for a child’s room and an awesome 1st piece of art to grow a collection on! Measures: 10.25 by 12.25 inches  $85.00


We are so lucky to have several of Rebecca Lambing’s pieces in our shop. “Climbing Higher” is the largest of the collection we are showing. It’s such a striking work and would look beautiful above a slim console, on its own on a slender wall or even hung horizontally above a fireplace. Measures: 18 by 36 inches  $325.00

Beautiful signed mixed media piece on sheet of papyrus by Carol Chapman. A wonderful piece to start or add to a collection. Petite size makes it perfect for smaller spaces. Measures: 11 x 14 inches $125.00

Vintage Liza Lidow French Art Exhibition poster featuring a painted mannequin. This print gets the most attention out of any in our shop. Definitely provokes discussion! Measures: 19 x 24.5 inches $125.00

Romantic little print on satin in very crackled gesso frame. We love the idea of this being in an unexpected place, like above the commode! Measures: 7 x 5.5 x .75 deep. $50.00

One-of-a-kind Alicia de Vasquez contemporary photo print titled “Swimming Pool”.  When I asked her what the image was about, she said that she’d rather I project what I thought it meant onto the image instead of what she thought it meant. Regardless, I love it. Gallery framed. Measures: 20 x 20 x 2 deep. $180.00

“Hopeful Horse” is an early 80’s signed, framed, and matted photograph I brought back from an Oregon buying trip. The image depicts onset of Spring and a playground horse that will soon be surrounded by green life.  Measures: 12 x 15 inches $90.00

Detail of print and raw edge burlap

Vintage satin prints sewn onto padded, raw-edge, French burlap and mounted on wood  with grosgrain ribbon accents. These are a really unique take on shabby chic and French country. Measures: 12 x 15 inches. Each print is $45.00

“Red Gun” is a signed silk-screen image on raw-edge handmade paper. The image itself is mounted up off the background inside the frame so it’s got cool depth. This is an awesome piece for otherwise feminine or “sweet” decor. I love the thought of it in a shabby chic house! Measures: 20 x 20 inches $175.00

Vintage Tiger Lily botanical print with a sage colored double mat and eggshell wood frame. It’s a vibrant print that dresses up any space. It would be just as pretty in a dining area as it would in an entry way. Measures: 20.5 x 25.5 inches $130.00

Detail of Daffodil

Vintage Daffodil botanical print from the same collection as the Tiger Lily. Double mat done in cream and sage green with an eggshell wooden frame. Measures: 20.5 x 25.5 $130.00

2007 framed print of San Francisco’s China Town done by Aggie Ohfung. Another petite piece that would be supercute between door frames on a bathroom wall or anywhere else that needs a little somethin’. Measures: 9 x 11 inches $65.00

Antique Camellia botanical print with an outer shadowbox frame of walnut, an intricately carved black wood border, and a 14kt gilt etched inner border. It’s stunning. Measures: 12.75 x 14.5 and is 1.75 deep. $160.00

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