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After Redecorating

This is actually the second time we have made changes in the guest room! Previously it was a sad little catch-all room with mismatched furnishings and no cohesive style that inspired me to write a post on forgotten spaces.  The first round involved finding ways to make Nikki’s accessories and furniture work better. We de-cluttered, added some new lamps and a few new pillows and called it a day. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t living up to its potential:

Guest Room Before

A month or so after our little refresh of the space, the homeowner’s new job required her to work from home in a space she could be both inspired and productive in. Having recently returned from Paris, she wanted to recreate the French ease-of-style and rustic elegance in the room without being too literal. So we redecorated!

Print of antique Paris street map is a literal but not too themey aspect of the room

The old light was removed and replaced with a vintage 50’s hanging iron bird-cage lamp with a mercury dipped bulb to send the light upward and create beautiful shadows. Instead of repainting the whole ceiling to mask where the larger light fixture had been, a faux-medallion with scalloped edges was painted around the light.

The full size bed was replaced with a day bed complete with trundle that sleeps two comfortably. The original bed frame was a stained cherry color so it was painted and distressed. A new linen duvet and piles of interesting and textured pillows complete the bed.

Chair details

Shelf brackets

Wall hooks next to the desk hold Nikki’s purse and work bags

Accessories were added, such as an antique print of Notre Dame, vintage-style boxes, a mirrored tray to hold fresh flowers, a blue vase filled with dried poppy-pods, and a very rustic outdoor table used as a side table.

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