San Fran Commitment Ceremony

Although I am always saying that I am not a florist, I enjoy providing special occasion flowers and creating beautiful things. I was extremely proud to be asked to put together something small and meaningful for a commitment ceremony. A friend of the two grooms asked me to do two boutonnieres and baby bouquets for the couple’s young daughters so she could make their day more special. Knowing that symbolism was an important part of these flowers, I chose to go very simple but use uncommon blooms that would be chic and memorable.

I hand selected a gorgeous Echeveria that had produced two very striking blooms with the intent of incorporating the succulents into the boutonnieres. I loved that both came from the same plant and that the plant would live on long after the special day had ended.

I incorporated mini Calla Lilies, Chocolate Cosmos, Grape Hyacinth and Veronica into baby bouquets hand tied with gossamer gray ribbon for the girls. I used Echeveria, Grape Hyacinth and Chocolate Cosmos for the two grooms.

I am always excited to work with folks on designing unique and interesting arrangements, and I love it when the final product comes together in such a great way!

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