Adam and Jessica

Adam and Jessica were married at Ardenwood Farm in Fremont, CA.

The theme of the wedding was low-key organic style with an orange and blue color scheme. It also had to be budget conscious. With only two weeks to figure it all out I was nervous, but excited to be asked. The bride had her heart set on using big galvanized tubs for the flowers and I had a slight panic attack trying to figure out how to fill them with beautiful blooms without breaking the bank. In the end, all 13 buckets were bursting with farm fresh, organic, and colorful blooms.

For the bridal bouquet I double wrapped the flowers in orange and blue ribbon and did the groom’s boutonniere in a blue silk wrap with the groomsmen sporting orange wrapped buds.

Thank God the car I was renting had just enough room to fit every single tub as the flowers had to be delivered over the freeway and across the bridge. When I arrived at the reception site, a really pretty outdoor garden, the crew doing the set up was shocked that such large displays would actually be centerpieces! Apparently the guests loved them so much that they asked if they were going to be auctioned off! In the end, the bride didn’t even get one so, I feel like my work there was done.

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