Axel and Angela

Axel and Angela

Axel, aka Valeria, and Angela were registered as domestic partners in San Francisco on May 28, 2009.To celebrate, they held a reception at their beautiful home in San Leandro. They asked for  bright, cheerful, wild and spontaneous flowers and chose galvanized steel containers to add a fresh-from-the-field vibe.

I hung a galvanized container on the front door to welcome guests and built a massive mantle piece that incorporated all of the colors and choices the couple had asked for in one huge, vibrant, array.  As usual, my daughter Miranda was my enthusiastic assistant!

The flowers included coral peonies, chocolate cosmos, Gerbera daisies, heuchera, stock, pompoms, salvia, amaranthus, and ranunculus. I wrapped the mantle piece and the galvanized buckets in burlap garland to give it a more earthy, organic, feel.

We scattered small bouquets in stamped silver cups from India all around the house and filled vintage vases with yellow ranunculus for the bathroom.

When I first put the arrangement on the mantle Valeria said, “I imagined something so different.” After a pause she smiled and said, “It’s so amazing! You blew me away!” and she proceeded to take a ton of pictures, then sit on the couch to admire it. Whew! When designing arrangements I want them to be better than the couple could have envisioned.

I am always so excited to be included in special events and it is an honor to provide beauty and warmth through flowers.

Miranda my excitable assistant.


Being invited to someone’s home to help add to their day underscores why I do what I do. I have the best clients in the world and I am truly blessed!


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