Uncommon Goods – The Beauty of Curious Things Part 1

Tommy Mitchell -Gilded Wall Display

It’s no secret that I gravitate toward two distinct but complimentary styles – Curiosity Cabinet Chic and Darkly Romantic.  The true core of my aesthetic is a blend of natural curiosities mixed with lush textures, cold metals and warm lighting. This isn’t to say that I don’t love clean, crisp minimalism or a riot of bright, bold colors and patterns – because I do. However, time and time again I find myself going back to the special beauty of what I’ll call uncommon goods. This three-part blog series will feature just a few of the want-worthy items I’ve been craving and how I’d love to style them if I were actually lucky enough to hold them in my hands.

To that end, I’ve been coveting gilded floral pieces from the Decoration Fleur collection by Tommy Mitchell ever since I first spied them several years ago. I’m most excited about his gilded Cannabis plant. There’s a really edgy beauty to it with a very idgaf attitude.While it’s not for everyone, it’s for a unique kind of someone. I love its naughtiness and how unexpected it is.

I’d love to put it in a room with Benjamin Moore’s Cheating Heart wall color, a sexy Timothy Oulton Shabby Faded and Degraded sofa, and a sinuous Noir coffee table.

Westhound painted animal skull

Of the many things I find fascinating to decorate with, found animal skulls are among them. The intricacies and stark loveliness of this sort of memorial are reminders to me of how transient life can be. On my covet list is a gorgeously hand painted Ancanthus skull by Westhound. As an alternative to the been-there-done-that taxidermy deer head above a mantel (I’m personally averse to animal head trophies), these carefully decorated pieces add an artistic – albeit slightly dark – vibe to a space.

I want to hang it on a wall covered in Phillip Jeffries’ Ink Oxidized Leaf, sitting directly above the cold beauty of an MTHARU, Sumer Singh Tabla Rasa Table. Add some dark plank wood floors and it’d be heaven!

LBK Studio

One of my favorite late night Instagram finds were the magical, ethereal, glass sea urchin bowls by LBK Studio Laura Kramer, in collaboration with Jess Panza. I want a giant hoard of these glittering, impossibly delicate-looking handmade treasures in the whole variety of colors – from cotton candy pink to the inky shine of black ice.

I’ve thought about how I’d have a clutch of the sea urchin bowls sitting on an antique Derby Silver Company cake stand. I’d place it in front of a large scale print of Nicole Cohen‘s luscious photograph Silver, set atop the crazy-sexy Williams Sonoma Home burled double console.

For me, it’s not about what’s on-trend but what sorts of things have their own energy and pull. Things that hold their own with a pride of place in any room. It doesn’t matter if they’re ancient artifacts or brand new pieces, uncommon goods give a room a sense of soul and tell a story in a way few other things can.

Wishing you an inspiring day!



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