Fantastical Animal-Footed Furnishings


I have an obsession with animal-footed furnishings.  I don’t even know when that started or why my world won’t be complete without them, but I know I need them in my life. Brass hooved and animal-footed pieces have been around for hundreds of years and have lived in the most luxurious homes – gracing castles, English country estates, and posh dining rooms the world over. In these very serious spaces they brought a touch of whimsy and mystery. In today’s homes, animal-footed furnishings play nicely with everything from traditional settings to ultra-modern surroundings.

Richard Taylor Throughout Claw and Ball dining table

Richard Taylor’s Claw and Ball dining table is a great example of a gorgeous piece that would be just as perfect is a luxe Manhattan apartment as it would in a South Carolina great room. With interesting and unexpected furniture, a little goes a long way. An ostrich lamp in a modern minimalist space, a mirror with webbed feet on a lush marble vanity, a horse-legged stool in front of an oversized fireplace – little bits of fantasy create an inspiring home. The child in me gravitates toward the dream-like quality of these furnishings, and the adult that I am knows that life’s too short not to be surrounded by things that make you happy.


I have been coveting these Menagerie Deer Arm chairs from Anthropologie for my imaginary summer home since I very first saw them. Paired with a farm table and vases overflowing with peonies, I can’t think of a more magical place to drink my morning coffee or share meals with friends. If nothing else in my dream home could have animal feet, I’d definitely opt for the dining chairs as it’s so unexpected and fun!


I’m excited to share my recently added duck-footed mirror in my powder room. It makes me smile every time I see it, and isn’t that the point? I put together a list of other animal-footed furnishings I’ve been coveting. Next time you’re searching for a way to add a little Alice in Wonderland to your world, think about adding animal feet!


Fantastical Animal Feet(4) 1.  Traccia, Meret Oppenheim, wood and bronze side table 2. Stag Leg accent table Bliss at Home 3. Duck Footed Mirror Design Warehouse Santa Fe 4. Hybrid No.2 chair, Merve Kahraman 5. Golden Lion’s Paw via Streets of Salem 6. La Barge hooved, six-legged brass and glass side table. 7. Ostrich Feather lamp A Modern Grand Tour

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