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I need to confess something. I am completely obsessed with wood. Not just any wood mind you but amazing wood.  I’ve been heavily crushing on Shou-Sugi-Ban for about a year now and it’s getting kind of serious. Shou-Sugi-Ban 焼杉板 (or Yakisugi) is an ancient Japanese exterior siding technique that preserves wood by charring it with fire, cooling it, cleaning it and finishing it with a natural oil.  Traditionally, Sugi wood, (aka Japanese cedar), was used but wood charring can be applied to just about any species.  Although is an ancient process, it results in a thoroughly modern finish that resists fire, rot, insects, and can last up to 80 years. It’s a super sexy environmental alternative to chemical sealants, stains and paint.


The unique texture and appearance of charred wood makes it an amazing choice for one-of-a-kind furniture. On the top of my “Furniture Lust List” is Timothy Oulton’s Glacier Coffee table, resin-encased charred wood just sets my heart all aflutter.

glacier_coffee_table-burnt_wood_acrylic_4_Designing with charred wood is on my design bucket list and my dream master suite would absolutely include it, along with natural stone and any art by the uber-talented Kim Kei. I put together a little inspiration board of the elements I’d include. Lots of organic materials, bold but minimalist forms and intricate prints.

Sexy Shou-sugi-ban(2)

1. Gray/Sage from the Loloi Anastasia Collection 2. Vintage Moroccan chandelier from Chairish 3. Artwork by Kim Kei 4. Alabaster bed by Rick Owens 5. Custom charred wood commodes by Michael James Moran Woodworked 6. Custom Console by Moran Woodworked 7. Opera Botanica fabric by Timorous Beasties

Here’s to dreaming about beautiful things!


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