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Pravina and Perry Kittredge are a well-traveled, well-educated, and super interesting couple with three young children. As a scientist, Pravina loves interesting objects and odd things. Perry, a middle-school math and social studies teacher, likes a relaxing and uncomplicated space that is both comfortable and functional. The challenge was to take on two previously unused spaces and turn them into something the family could enjoy.

I started with a tiny area that was trying to be Pravina’s office in the back of the house. Sadly, it became an orphanage for everything that didn’t have a proper place. It was renamed the “nook” after its transformation (above).

This is what it looked like before I started work on the space:

And here’s another view:

Ideally, the owner’s wanted to carve out an area to read and relax adjacent their children’s playroom. Since the couple has a love for ethnic objects and Eastern philosophy, I gave the space a little Ethno-Glamour and added a little Indian and Moroccan influences. I painted the walls Benjamin-Moore’s “Spa” and the ceiling a bright white. The trim was also done in crisp white and the old gym-style carpet was removed and replaced with a recycled rag and leather carpet from India.

In an homage to Pravina’s family, I also created a small altar on the wall.

I Installed reclaimed barnwood shelving from the amazing Elmwood Reclaimed Timber, for the books, a custom Moroccan lantern from Tazi Designs in San Francisco, and furnishings and family mementos to add warmth.

The antique Chinese table is beautifully worn, and I sealed it with polyurethane to prevent further damage. It’s intricate, but soulful and well-made, and is perfectly kid-proof.

I also added a small string of temple bells to the frame of the space as they are special to Pravina and signify protection and luck.

The second challenge was to turn a previously unsightly pass-through between the front and back of the house into a place the family could sit and use each day. Please see how the space turned out here on my Houzz Profile. It’s become a useful and comfortable space.

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