Apartment 46 Featured in Bridal Musings!

Photo courtesy of Orange Turtle Photography

We are so happy to have been featured in Bridal Musings for the wedding of Erin-Joy and James last year in Livermore. It was one of the most difficult events we’ve pulled off due to the distance, extreme heat (103 degrees!), and general on-site, behind-the-scenes, drama. In the end, it was also one of the most unique and beautiful receptions we’ve ever designed.We are so lucky that this day was captured by such an amazing photographer. We rely on the wedding day pictures to convey what we’ve done as there is rarely any time to take snaps ourselves and frankly, we’re not professionals.

Since each of the weddings we’ve done are so different, we really do want to share with you what we’ve accomplished. It’s photos like the ones below and leave us in disbelief – did we really do that?! WOW! It’s really not our designs that get us featured in blogs and magazines, it’s the photos of those designs. We want to give credit where credit is due! The way the flowers are pictured, the cool angles and modern cropping, it makes what we do seem like magic. We love that.

Photo courtesy of Orange Turtle Photography

We’ve met a lot of great photographers but we are absolutely smitten with San Diego’s Orange Turtle Photography! We love the way the images capture the little things – the spikes on the bride’s high heels, the groom in a do-rag – and we adore the way the fading sunlight streams through the strands of miniature bulbs…SO romantic! If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind photos that capture moments you may not even know exist, we think you need to call Orange Turtle.

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