Bringing Back the Bar

Apartment 46 vintage 14K gold Couroc Roadrunner glasses

The 50’s and 60’s are amazing examples of entertaining done right. Details mattered, inviting people over was always a big deal, and even casual after work drinks were served in decorative highballs. What drink doesn’t taste better in a fancy glass? The popularity of shows like Mad Men and Pan Am  have led to a resurgence in all things Mid-Century – from sofas to sideboards – it’s all about clean lines, luxury and living a life of cool and calculated excess.

We don’t believe that beautiful barware is “special occasion only”. It’s a little more work to hand wash vintage glasses  – sterling silver and 14kt gold accents are not dishwasher friendly – but it’s way more chic to serve up that Jack and Coke in a super sexy vintage Culver tumbler.

We also think everyone needs a few classy decanters in their life. Nothing screams “Frat Party!” more than a refrigerator topped with the college Trifecta of Jack Daniels, some sort of vodka and an orphaned Kahlua. Decanters come in so many shapes and sizes there is absolutely one out there that perfectly suits your style. A grouping of glass and crystal containers on a bookcase or tucked into a corner of the kitchen counter top turns you into next-level elegant. 

Pottery Barn Decanter and Monogrammed Ice Bucket

A favorite bottle of whiskey decanted into a great container makes an awesome any-time gift. We are also huge fans of using decanters to store things like florescent blue mouthwash, pearly bath foam, or little treasures. 

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And we just kind of love this decanter chandelier from DIY Gadgets. So pretty!

No matter what size space you live in, setting up a classic small bar is as simple as clearing space for a tray with a few containers, some pretty glasses and a book or two on mixing drinks. If you have room, a rolling bar cart, a small bookcase, or even a proper sideboard all make a perfect space-saving mini bar. Madly in love with the idea of taking a cast-off bookcase and turning it into a little hipster happiness!



Image courtesy of Centsational Girl

This DIY bar cart is such a tiny little slice of classy but packing a lot of glamor! Put it on casters and you’ve got the perfect rolling drink station.

With the holiday season in full-swing, it’s the perfect time to host a little cocktail soiree and what better way to celebrate those that make you smile than with a fistful of vintage beverage serving goodness?

We are Thankful for YOU this holiday!

Melisa and Miranda

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