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Courtesy of High Fashion Home

There are certain spaces that are so compelling to me that they conjure up fantasies of  wine-filled nights or whispers of things I hardly ever share. In my opinion there are a lot of elements that need to come together to make a room truly “sexy”. I love layers of sensual textures, neutral but warm toned walls, dark woods, shiny chrome, sparkly glass, and softness underfoot. Cozy rooms seem more intimate to me. Rooms that have just enough luxe beauty to make them interesting and a bit forbidden. Think Marie Antoinette if she were to move into the W Hotel and make it her own. Supersexy!

Hotel Vitale

My fave hotel thus far is the Hotel Vitale on the waterfront in San Francisco. The rooms are clean and modern, and the overall feel of the hotel is small, boutique, zen, and spare. It’s the perfect place to watch the lights on the Bay Bridge from the soaking tub in your room. It’s peaceful and warm. You can transpose just about any kind of memory onto its surface. I like that.

Clift Hotel

The Clift Hotel in San Francisco is another very sexy place – dark corners, edgy furnishings, lit candles, mirrored bedroom walls, and small balconies that host all kinds of naughtiness. It has just enough edginess and high-brow design style that it makes the everyday feel a little more special when you’re there.

Courtesy of Momento Italia

While I am not a minimalist, I appreciate a clean, modern space as long as it has some warmth to it. The room above is sexy to me because of the ultra-modern staircase and angular furniture mixed with 1960’s Flokati-type rug. It feels a bit Barbarella, and I can totally imagine how gorgeous it is when the lights are dimmed and one is lounging around in a very revealing space suit.

Amsterdam Canal House courtesy of Design Deluxe

So those that know me well know that I believe Amsterdam is the sexiest city on earth. The people are among the most beautiful and effortlessly chic I have ever seen, their accents are like a drug to me and the homes are beyond cool and stylish. Modern Dutch design is some of the edgiest and yet most approachable. The  medieval canal houses hide often unbelievably chic design. I have spent many lazy days and loved up evenings in that city and in many of its homes and each one was sexy (or was it just me?) The room above is fairly typical of young, dutch aesthetic. It’s almost like soft-gothic with the darker colors and spareness but still beautiful and enveloping.

I think that everyone should have at least one space in their home that makes you feel a little less inhibited, more confident and extra playful. Whether that’s your bedroom, living room, or even your bathroom, approach the space with an eye for the luxurious, things that feel amazing against your skin, colors that soothe you, and lighting that makes you feel like the most fabulous person on earth!

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