Heavenly Hardware

SA Baxter's delicious custom house candy!

Among the easiest and most cost effective things to do to freshen up a room is to change out the hardware. Light plates, outlet covers, door knobs and drawer pulls are easy to remove and replace and can take a space from outdated to awesome, usually without putting a huge dent in your budget. However, if you too dream of the day you can custom-design everything in your world (down to the toilet tissue), then you will love the land of SA Baxter and their bespoke house hardware.

Now let’s be honest, I have never actually been fortunate enough to place an order with them, but I dream of the day I can! I want nothing more than to have pulls somewhere in my home that are hand cast with images out of my imagination. Of course there are perfectly fine knobs and pulls available at Home Depot and Target, but somehow I don’t find myself lusting after them quite as much.

Being the obsessed design fiend that I am, I can think of nothing cooler than having beautiful lock plates and door hinges! I’m fairly certain I’d spend the day opening and closing my door so I could admire them in all their chrome-plated glory. I mean, custom hardware?! What?! Sigh.

Each design is made to order with every intricacy preserved by skilled artisans who could easily be creating larger, more notable works of art but who are giving the world delicious drawer pulls. Yummy! I absolutely agree with Modnest, it is house jewelry. I shall start saving up today!


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